A Refreshing Look At Love & Why It Matters

In the hangover aftermath of the oh-so-ominous classic Valentine’s Day dalliance with date nights and dress clothes, one word really sticks out: love. This only raises a complete conundrum of a question (at least for me) because, what really is love? Is it a sparkle between lovers? Is it more? Is it less? Before writing this post and before reading all of the foundational texts, I had an idea of what love is, but I […]

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10 Things I’ve Learned From Dating Mr. Right

I’d never been in a healthy relationship before I met Jake, my current boyfriend. Though we’ve only been officially dating since January 2016, I feel like I’ve known him forever. Even still, here are some of the things that he’s taught me about myself and life in general as we’ve tackled life together.

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