Eliminate Your Cheat Day With This Actual Hack

For a while now, I’ve known that I’m so not-so-subtly an “all or nothing” soul. I’m exactly this way with exercising- it’s so easy to go ham and all in only once a day for an hour or two max. But, I’m not this way with my dieting. There’s one thing that sticks out in all of this: it’s that it’s easy for me to be “all or nothing” in working out because I’m all […]

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You CAN Eat Cake AND Like It, Too. 

Hello Lovelies, Today I caught myself thinking the most DANGEROUS unhealthy thought and I thought that I’d give it a share. In fact, it’s so unhealthy I’m kind of ashamed- but not so ashamed that I’ll hide it. Welp. Here goes: Yesterday Jake (my loving, wonderful, and oh so blessed with heavenly abs boyfriend) bought me cake. And not just any cake: Chocolate Turtle Fudge Cake. Like the kind they sell in squares at Lunds […]

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