Hello you lovely soul,

Hi! My name is Cass and I’m a twenty-year-old student at the University of St Thomas in Minnesota, studying to be the greatest school social worker and/or counselor I can be in my very near future career post-graduation (this May, eek!) and post-graduate studies. Though graduation is only 5 short months away, I still can’t buy dry red wine to make hella tasty steak so that’s a thing.

I met my dream-come-true soul mate during my first month at UST (*ahem* relationship goals on point) and we both live on Chipotle (any donations to our nutrition fund would be lovely just saying). Also, we both are tone deaf and love singing pop-country songs at the top of our lungs in the car, so fair warning.

The next year, I met my dream-come-true best friend during our first year in the SOWK program and boy oh boy am I so deeply grateful for her and her wisdom and her amazing ability to talk me down from insane ideas (check out her blog – www.adrianinprogress.com).

left: Dec 2015 right: Dec 2017

In all seriousness, I’m a freak turned fitness geek.

As soon as I got to college, I dramatically changed my perspective on eating/food/my body and turned into a little gym-lover. So, catch me at the gym in all of my glory (right now, I can squat 4×155 which totally smacks my new years’ resolution of 1RM @ 135 so yessss) and all the Lululemon and Gymshark I own.

On an ideological note, I strive for growth in everything and all things. Self-improvement is one of the foundational parts of my mantra and goes hand-in-hand with harmony and love.

I think that’s it, if anyone actually reads these haha.



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