Dear wonderful, exuberant, lovely, magical, everything-positive, strong, and gorgeous you

Today is your day to be happy! You are so amazingly unique and wonderful and you aren’t even seeing that right now. I feel for you, I really do. But, I see you and see how much you hurt because all you do is concentrate on the painful parts of life. I see how you can recognize the good- the gifts, the blessings- but only dwell on the downs. How do you push that out? How can you deliberately fail to see how beautiful you are? You are gorgeous, you are gifted, and you are lovely. You don’t need to be reaffirmed in order to feel confident about yourself. You don’t need to be coddled to be safe. You don’t need to threaten to hurt yourself just to be heard. Because, beautiful you, you are heard. You are listened to, you are important, and you are meaningful. Your words hold weight, even if you think that they don’t. Your mind might hurt, and your body might hurt because of that. But, never second guess your beauty: beauty isn’t simply your mind or your body. Beauty is more than either of those could ever calculate. You know what it is? It’s your heart. Your heart is beautiful. It’s beautiful, no matter what you say, because you care. Your heart is not blind. Your heart is full of empathy for the aching of others. Your heart is infinitely voluminous. All of the cares in the world could be given to you and you would still care. You would still listen and cry and be there to catch anyone. So why can’t you catch yourself? Why can’t you justify your feelings and tell yourself that you’re wrong? That it’s just your mind that’s mistaken and move on? Because you’re wonderful. You’re everything strong and gorgeous inside and out.

I wish you’d treat yourself. I wish that you’d give yourself a break, let yourself breathe, and treat yourself to something that you’ve been restricting yourself from. Reward yourself. Give yourself a break. Celebrate yourself. Because even if you can’t love you, I do. I do love you and I do care about how you treat yourself. I love your pep and cheer and smile, I love how you bounce with each step, and I even love how witty and strong you are. Your qualities are stupendous. You’re a magnificent person. You’re a role model, you successful trail-blazer.

I love you; I just pray you love yourself, too.

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