3 things to consider during your quarter-life-crisis

I’m going through a quarter-life-crisis and that’s okay. And no, I’m not crazy- it’s a sociological thing. 20-something seniors, graduates, and beyond trend towards this common dilemma of “what on Earth am I doing with my life” moment and some change, some don’t. Sure enough, I’ve recognized my crisis-crazed state for a good long time now but am only finally coming to this conclusion:

it’s okay to change it up- it’s okay to succumb to the crisis.

And, it’s okay to tell yourself that it’s okay after some good long “check yourself” reflection time. I’ve been hinting towards this for the longest three months now- I’ve relied on both my boyfriend and my best friends to keep me going strong with school, my major, and basically everything else I’ve built for myself despite my desire to drop everything and start something new. I mean, I have a terrible habit of impulsively changing my life up just for funzies and that’s okay- well, to an appropriate extent.

But I’ve also realized that growing up gets you to experience life in ways you’ve never before and discover the passions that you never thought that you’d develop. Growing up helps to you see things in ways you would have never have before and it helps you to find your little niche in the world.

And now, I’ve found mine.

My close knit circle of friendship helped me to see that I need a backup plan. So, I’m finishing this year of school to graduate (YESSSSSSS) instead of quitting college like I wanted to (to pursue my dreams, not laziness lol).

So if you’re going through a quarter life crisis, know that it’s okay. But, here are some general guidelines that might help you through it and keep you centered.

  1. Have a couple (or more) trusted confidants to help you navigate your “crisis”. People have an outstanding way of being able to offer you insight that you might not have considered! (Like how I was going to drop out of school, but obvi that’s plain dumb.)
  2. Make a plan before you do anything! Often times, your friends might be more convinced if you have a plan too. But this plan should be intentionally fluid: you never know what life might throw at you.
  3. Determine your backup plan. After establishing your goals, take into account what you will do if your crazy life change maybe isn’t crazy good. Acknowledge that you might fail, and acknowledge that it’ll be okay if you do.

And that’s it! Everything said here is out of relatable love and relatability itself. Just remember, it’s okay to be okay with you.

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  1. I totally feel ya, it gets scary when you’re about to graduate and don’t know if what you chose is what you want to do! You are so inspiring! Follow your passions chicka!!

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