You CAN Eat Cake AND Like It, Too. 

Hello Lovelies,

Today I caught myself thinking the most DANGEROUS unhealthy thought and I thought that I’d give it a share. In fact, it’s so unhealthy I’m kind of ashamed- but not so ashamed that I’ll hide it.

Welp. Here goes:

Yesterday Jake (my loving, wonderful, and oh so blessed with heavenly abs boyfriend) bought me cake.

And not just any cake: Chocolate Turtle Fudge Cake. Like the kind they sell in squares at Lunds and Byerlys that cost as much as I make an hour- right?

Anyways- this cake was beautiful. The caramel drizzle had my mouth watering before I even knew what kind it was and I knew it was absolutely game over: bye bye cutting season, hello bulk!!!

But, no. My willpower kicked in and kicked my pants away from that cake and straight to my bullet journal- I decided to pick up a pen and figure out HOW to fit the cake into my macros while staying on a cut.

And guess what- all of my ambition in the world hella got it done. And, yes, the rest of my day does happen to only be protein shakes, grapes, and a hilarious salad, but that’s okay because I ate the cake. Better yet, I ate it CONSCIOUSLY and don’t regret it because I modified my day to fit it in.

(My salad today couldn’t have any fat in it because…well, cake. So, I had to substitute dressing for freshly squeezed lemon juice and garlic salt- if I’m being real, it wasn’t too shabby!!)

So here’s the main takeaways:

1. You can eat what you want without it being “cheating”. 

I didn’t cheat on my diet today: I set goals and stayed within them. Now, did I have to give up some vital good food? yep. Was it worth it??? Absolutely.

2. It’s so important to eat intelligently. 

Who knows what your brain will come up with when you reallllly want to eat something.

And finally,

3. Catch yourself before you wreck yourself. 

When you hear negative mind talk going on in your noggin, you gotta stop at that moment or else…well, you know what happens.

So that’s it, and happy Monday.

What’s your cake?? Let me know in the comments below!!

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