The Busy Girl’s Guide to Weekly Workout Planning – Simplified

If you want that killer body, and if you’re willing to work hard AF for it, AND if you crave that post-workout endorphin rush: this is for you, biotch.

Here’s where I tell you the absolute why’s to how this workout kicks ya booty:

  1. It burns calories like a motha.
  2. It builds muscle like a sleek toning beach babe
  3. You feel great and can make gains without having to switch out your weekly workouts every time (cue that sigh of relief)
  4. I’m not just talking at you- this is my routine every week.
  5. AND FINALLY you’ll look hot as hell (bonus hotness points if you eat right too!)

Without any further ado, I bring you:

The busy girl’s guide to weekly workout planning – simplified.

Here’s your basic week.

You’ll hit 6 workouts, but it’s a rotation (aka, it’s super easy to remember what you have to do and when you have to do it!) One day dedicated to abs and legs, another to HIIT, and the last to cardio. Then it’s followed by a rest and roll-out day before repeating abs/legs and HIIT before your seventh day rest/roll.

The leg days will be hard and will call for super resistance training, but the workouts themselves should be pretty quick! All in all, you’ll only do 9 sets of legs and 9 sets of abs before you can walk out of the gym heaving, yet floating on happiness.

HIIT is only a 20 minute workout. If I’m busy, I’ll do it right after legs/abs and skip a workout the next day. If not, I love doing it just itself to keep me active and on my toes!

Lastly, cardio should stay under 40 minutes per week so you don’t go into a fat-storing mode. This could hinder the workout benefits and really be tiresome on the joints that you need to lift well!

Here’s your Leg Day + Ab Day (Mondays and Fridays).

  1. Warmup that Back Squat!
    Do 2 sets: one set of 15 reps at a lower weight, then increase the weight so that you can do at least 8, but no more than 10 reps at that weight, and then shoot for a 10 rep set!
  2. Heavy Squat: 3 Sets.
    These sets should be between a 4-6 rep range. If you reach 6, add ten pounds. If you fall below 4 reps, take off ten pounds. But shoot to fall in the rep range, this will build the most muscle!
  3. Barbell Bench Hip Thrusts: 3 Sets.
    These sets should also be between a 4-6 rep range. If you reach 6, add ten pounds. If you fall below 4 reps, take off ten pounds. But shoot to fall in the rep range, this will build the most muscle! Remember to keep your abs tight and your back straight, flexing your glutes at the top and holding them for 2-3 seconds before dipping down and thrusting again.
  4. Roman Chair Hyper Extensions with a Plate: 3 Sets of 10 Reps
    These sets should challenge you, but they’re also a cool down exercise. Remember to, as your hyperextended at the peak of the hold, flex your abs and your glutes and hold them tight before repeating. If this is too easy, grab a plate and hold it in your arms! If you’re still looking for another challenge, do the motion as slow as possible. This will burn. I promise.
  5. The Cool Down (Aerobics Studio Works Best): Repeat 3 Times
    20 Curtsey Lunges
    20 Lunge Pulses
    10 Planked elbow-full rotations
    20 Weighted sit ups
    10 Ab Rolls
    10 hanging knee crunches

Here’s your HIIT Workout (Tuesdays and Saturdays).

  1. 10 minutes of hill sprint rotations (sprint 40 seconds, walk 20 seconds on an incline)
  2. 10 minutes of sprints/walk cycle without the incline
  3. Stairs for 5-10 minutes as a cool down!

Here’s your Cardio Day (Wednesdays).

This one is up to you! I personally choose outdoor running because I enjoy taking in the sights and find treadmills quite boring. However, it’s up to you: cycling, treadmilling, ellipticaling, whatever! You do you! 

And Remember to Rest and Roll Out.

It’s so important to remember this one: so many people don’t. Resting keeps your body healthy and lets it repair itself while rolling out helps it do that just a little bit better! Foam rollers come super cheap- and kick it with some daily yoga too!

And that’s it, love. This is the workout schedule that keeps me on my toes, keeps me gym thirsty because I can make goals and make gains, and keeps me from burning out. It’s easy, fun, full of variety, and helps you stay as well-rounded as you are! Get out there and get your goals, you beautiful thing (and let me know what you think, I’m always thrilled for feedback!!)

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