Go-To (Fashionable & Functional) Leg-Day Outfits

Have you ever spent more time staring at the clothes in your wardrobe than it actually takes to walk to the gym before a workout? Have you ever been disappointed in the final gym-attire-approved outfit that you have to settle with? Have you ever been so flabbergasted by the lack of variety and disclosure in online shopping? Well, if you have, then welcome home.

Dressing for a run is literally so easy- in the summer, you pick a cute sports bra and spandex and ta-da you’re done. In the winter, it’s the same except for long leggings and a wind-breaker (unless you run indoors, then it could vary with ease). But there aren’t a ton of considerations that you have to add to your already loaded style plate.

But with weights, especially the killer leg days, your body will be wrecked even if you want to do it looking cute (welcome to my life). And with skin-to-skin contact fungi (ew gross nasty) that thrive on human sweat on equipment, benches, and machines there’s no way you’d want to go sports bra + spandex like mega insta stars at your school gym.

If you’re anything like me, here’s your criteria:

  1. Stay away from icky boy sweat
  2. Keep your own sweat visually subtle
  3. Keep your rolls for catching, plopping, or poofing in anything you wear (everyone has rolls don’t deny it)
  4. Stay covered AND cool
  5. Wanting to see yourself in the mirror and be all like HOT DAYUM ON FLEEK in the weight room

without any further wait, let’s get onto what we started this for:


From head to toe


Makeup: Less is More…for your pores.

Stick to loose powder foundation (if you must- bare is always better). These are less-likely to clog pores and are less thick. Loose powders allow your skin to sweat out the ick without blocking or pasting bacteria and dead skin cells inside the pore.

Keep your hair high!

High ponytails are wonderful. If you have billions of little hairs at the nape of your neck, maybe enlist the help of bobby pins. Why? Because it’ll avoid the nasty tendencies that machines and barbells both have: tearing out your precious and limited and very sensitive hair. (Have you ever wondered how dudes with flow squat without ripping their hair out?!)

Bless your body symmetry with bluetooth earbuds.

And also, avoid the mess of tangled wires and having to stash your phone just to get your jam on.


Those of us with small boobs want to look anything but flat and those of you with big boobs try to compress the ladies to prevent any movement and everyone else just well…idk.

Regardless, boobs are an issue because they’re there and they factor into the decisions about what we wear- sports bras are nice but many times, you can totes spot a nipple one hundo percento obviouslyo.

And that was a huge issue until padding was invented, but then the next issue remained: how much skin is too much skin?

The long-line sports bra will save your life.

BUT GOOD NEWS LADIES. The longline sports bra is fabulous as a multifunctional top. It operates as a bra+shirt 2-in-1 and it could be worn in the gym or out and about (pro tip: look for one with removable cup padding).

AND the CUTEST and most functional long lines in the world are by Betsey Johnson, no lie. And then there are others: New Balance, Puma, Fabletics, etc all have their own variation but by far the favs are from Betsey. Ohhh yes.

P. S. Find my list of FAVES here!


Hey. This is big. But PLEASE DON’T EVER GO COMMANDO. Save ya-self the hassle and please wear underwear: the thick cotton thongs from PINK are great, so are the seamless ones from VS. But, the best ever are the the seamless thongs from UnderArmour. Oh, and… they last forever. LOVE!!

So, now we tackle the whole Leggings vs. Spandex deal. But first let’s establish what’s important. I’m thinking gym equipment and icky boy sweat, watching your body’s silhouette, booty sweat, being able to move, and keeping those muffin tops in check. You’ll wanna wear leggings because…well, boy sweat. And here’s my solution for you:

Align Pant by Lululemon – if you like naked sensation and you barely sweat

Speed by Lululemon – if you love compression and mid-rise

All the Right Places by Lululemon (new fave!!) – if you love compression and high-rise

But all of these pants are expensive, but hella worth it. (I’ve had the Align and the Speed for a whole year and they are in pretty great shape (worn & washed 2-3 times a week).) So love yourself with these pants.


Converse. Always converse. Yes. Flat soles – and push with your heels to push your booty to get your gains. Yes, girl. Yes.

So that’s it, love.

Get Sweaty, Stay Pretty.

(& let me know what you think!!)


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