Cozy Up To Fall With These 3 Inspiring Self-Improvement Reads

My mother used to bring me and my three siblings to the library almost every week in the summer. We used to live for this until she implemented one specific rule: only two ‘candy’ books- the books we burned through as quick as candy- easy, thrilling, children/teen genres, fiction, and/or super short reads. And then, the rest of the reads needed to be nonfiction and of course I decided to take dramatic flair to the next level. Let’s just say nonfiction books about gardening are not nearly as thrilling as I hyped them up to be. So, I just stopped reading… eventually. Combined with the reading load from professor after professor, I started to hate reading. The joy in reading was literally sucked out and tossed away over time. The excitement fizzled out and died.

Until this summer.

When I realized that I was being a hypocrite for hyping the important fun of reading to my nine-year-old nanny child, I realized that I needed to make reading a goal. Again. I needed to find how fun reading was, again. And, as the busy fall season approaches so quickly, these books are perfect for an extra little push instead of being overwhelmed.

(p.s. the cute little spiral notebook is a scrapbook that you can find DIY info here!)

Bigger, Leaner, Stronger

The major questions this book answers:

  1. How do I gain muscle?
  2. How do I eat well? And, how do I calculate my needs?
  3. How do I lose fat?
  4. How do I maintain muscle without losing it?
  5. What about supplements?
  6. How do I exercise the right way?

If you find yourself unsure about any one of these key questions, this book is DEFS for you. It is a HELLA life changer.

This 319 page book is an absolute must for anyone looking to get fit and healthy and essential for anyone frustrated with a flatline in fitness and healthiness- you’d be surprised to see how many potential gaps exist in people striving for healthy lifestyles all over the world. It shines light on detrimental trends in physical and mental health while also supplying simple steps to achieve the necessary willpower. And, well beyond the book, there’s a whole online community of people that have taken this knowledge to change their lives for healthiness.

Now, you might give me a little bit of back talk for the whole ‘ultimate male body’ thing. It’s chill. Ultimately, I’m not looking for an ultimate male body. This book works for both sexes, this one was simply cheaper (aka free) for me. The female-oriented version can be found here: Thinner Leaner Stronger.

Pro-tip: most of the information inside the book is posted randomly within the Legion Athletics Blog, just click the link.


Eat Pretty

I just happened to be at Goodwill where I found the book Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart because the cover was pretty and the contents looked enticing.

This book will teach you how to revolutionize your health, body, and mind. This book will change how you view food with actual evidence, science, and facts. For instance, it talks about how quinoa is a protein that is a plant relative of spinach and is great for filling up without bloating up too. It will inspire you to change how you feel about yourself, your food, and productivity. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone because of how useful the information is and how applicable it is to reality.

The Defining Decade

“Why your twenties matter- and how to make the most of them now”

Written by a psychologist who clinically provided services to people in their twenties, this book gives insight to many of the pitfalls that we find ourselves tangled up in them before we even see them coming.

Jennifer and I worked to answer her question of “How did this happen?” (Jay, p. 92)

Separated into three parts for work, love, and body, Meg Jay talks about clients and their relatable stages in life.  It’s a must have. It really is useful, it’s encouraging, it’s helpful. It’s perfect for those discouraged and searching for direction. It’s a perfect self-help to work for the warm fuzzies, even if they don’t come immediately.

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