DIY – The Cutest Little Scrapbook Journal

Here’s the one DIY booklet anyone can do- and for hella cheap too!

Have you ever tried to start a scrapbook? If you look online or in craft stores, the book itself can cost more than twenty dollars, let alone the scrapbook paper and fancy stickers et cetera. But this scrapbook, this scrapbook is something that you can make without even leaving your house and it’ll feel SO SO good too.

And no, this little book of memories isn’t perfect, but it’s the imperfections that make it so personal and so lovely to look at. It’s the memories that are beautiful and simply pieced together in an old journal I never used that was only collecting dust on a shelf doing nothing.

So, if you’re inspired, here’s what I used:

Old Elmer’s school glue sticks
Printer paper, paper scraps
Magazines and Catalogs
Mail outs, newspapers, some flyers
some tape
A sharpie pen

And… that’s it. That’s all. After that, do what inspires you. Follow your heart, your dreams, include your love. It’s oddly relaxing and full of happiness too!

Bonus points if you get your significant other to do it with you! These little journals help you remember the tiny things, the things that might slip your mind some day.


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