Confidence is Kind 

It’s a funny word-
it’s tinier than small,
it’s always there to catch you in the moment that you fall.
It’s helpful but it’s deadly-
when used by those who are truly cowards,
hidden under loads of layers,
somehow boasting heaps of might and power.
It’s something turned from humility
to louder, louder, LOUDER.
It’s a simple tune with many melodies,
they’re often portrayed wrong-
like a strutting songbird’s repetitious tune,
he loves and loves and loves and loves,
he really loves his song.

A voice retorts in comparison and it ripples and it roars,
Those that shout they’ve mastered confidence are often imposters.

Described with what it causes instead of what it is,
in warped disguise, by humble brag-
a way to call attention to oneself
rightfully insists,
the social queens of instagram and their royal wits.

Confidence is not selfish pride- it’s not arrogant or judgmental.
Confidence is not a pass to criticize, no matter the rebuttal.
Confidence does not compare, it doesn’t put you down for wins-
It’s not a reason to justify humiliating pins.
Confidence isn’t how you look, or smile or walk or feel:

Confidence is a state of mind, it’s the attitude that’s real. 

It’s what you know, it’s how you think.
It’s not always visible to others-
Posers seek to show confidence’s side effects, but ignore their humble mother.
It’s a way of life that does implicate emotions all the time,
It’s a way of life that speaks but doesn’t need to rhyme.
But without a confident mentality, the mind collapses paper thin-
like an egg dropped pre-matured, trapping a baby bird within.

Confidence is not haughtiness,
instead it values pride:
over the life you live and its many paths,
it doesn’t let you hide.

Confident people know that insecurity comes when leaving confidence behind,
But they have the strength and passion,
what they really have is drive
to change perspectives in their own minds,
they let their worries go.
They know what they can do and let the hard work hold.
They know insecurity is livid and sours like stagnant limes,
but they know a fleeting thoughts differ from a life of wasted time.

The confident don’t humiliate.
They don’t discriminate.
They don’t pry.

Instead they smile in kindness,
and hold you when you cry.
They let you talk but listen well,
they listen with their eyes.

The confident are quiet,
radiating from their souls.
They don’t need to feel obligated to compare themselves to online trolls-
they live and breathe among us, sometimes you can see them.
They’re the people that inspire change,
and they’re living with a goal.

And when they catch themselves thinking nasty things,
they decide to cast away
the vibe that traps them deep inside
to let loving people win.

They’re seen walking with a purpose-
not rushed to get things done,
they take their time to meet the eyes of passerbys and tiny little ones.
They smile with the lines that appear from ear-to-ear,
they laugh with joy and love those lines,
they say ‘they’re always welcome here’.
Never acting, never posing- an authentic genuine,
they love their bodies and their minds and want the same for everyone.

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