The Forgotten Part of Getting Fit

Just do it.

The iconic slogan of Nike is applicable to so much more than just sports. Its messages could be interpreted in so many different ways: each person has the ability to apply it to their own life by their own application. That’s why it’s successful as an athletic brand, too. If you’ve been considering running, well then just do it. That’s all fine and dandy- getting up and off the couch is a fantastic start. But the short term passion and excitement always wears off, leaving less enthusiasm and often dried-out oomph to- well let’s just go with- run.

So then how do you prevent this burn out? Well, the answer is simple.

Creating a detailed plan is the forgotten part of getting fit.

Have you ever heard the annoyingly over-used rhyme, “what’s the plan, Stan?” Well, I have too. If you haven’t, well then #blessed. And, who the heck is this Stan dude, anyways? Why the heck do we say it?

Well, I don’t know. I have no idea. I really don’t care to actually know, but if someday I do find out it’ll be strangely satisfying. Moving on. If you’re ‘in the know’, then you know this: ‘Stan’ is slang for a stalker fan. Oh big deal, right? No.


Yes, it is a huge deal.

A Stan has to put so much effort into stalking their celebrity to actually be called a stalker- in this case, scrolling to 2010 in their Instagram feed doesn’t qualify. Instead, this Stan must figure out where the celeb is going, what they’re doing, where they’ll be, what they’ll be driving, et cetera et cetera you catch my drift (hopefully).

What I’m saying is that this stan MUST be on the ball game with his plan, always, or else he isn’t a real stan #poser.

So now we can settle ourselves (unless this is old news to you) because we know Stan. We are #intheknow. But, how much know can you possibly have?

THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST, I tell you- it does not.

But here’s the funky thing about plans: they love to be made, but hate to be followed.

Unfortunately, there’s not much I can do about this except raise the flexibility clause. What is this clause, you say? It’s a clause to your plans that gives you wiggle room to be flexible. It allows you the room to breathe and stunt some original improvs into your plans, one’s that you never even planned in the first place.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about planning.

First of all, EEEEEK!!! Your interest in getting fit is alive! Yes!!! GO YOU!

This is a significant period of time because it takes you from considering taking action to planning to take action, right before we make our leap into taking action. The attitudes and the do’s that you do now are critical to your performance.

Let’s talk goals.

Okay, we’re going to kick it back to fifth grade real quick, so I’m sorry in advance but it has to happen.

Do you remember SMART goals? Well, after peeping that pretty neat graphic it’ll tell you that the acronym stands for specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-based. This means that your goals need to have details, you have to be able to track your progress, they have to be realistic/possible, they have to have an end-goal, and they have to have a time-limit. If any one of those aspects are missing, it’s pretty difficult to stick with the program and keep up the motivation necessary (at least for most people).

Here are some key questions to ask yourself before moving beyond the goal-setting stage: 

  • What’s your principle objective? (Bonus: answers all of the who/what/when/why/hows)
  • What’s your meal plan going to be like?
  • Will you count macros? What does the distribution look like? Will you keep track of body fat? How often?
  • What do you need to buy?
  • What will you use to measure your progress? Daily pictures? Amount of weight lifted? Your body weight? A body-building coach/boyfriend who tells you that ya ass is fine?
  • How realistic are you being? Are you being logical?
  • How long are you in this for? For real? How will you keep yourself accountable? What happens if you don’t stay accountable? Will you make dat boyfriend be painstakingly honest with you?

Test it before you agree to it.

We’re being flexible here (remember the flexibility clause).

What I mean is, do your research and do it well. I personally read several books, blogs, articles, and consulted my science major boyfriend with (ehm) science. After you research, try it out.

If your knees give you trouble, then maybe reverse lunges would be better than front lunges (if at all). To be brutally honest, in week zero I found out that I suck at lunges- not to make excuses, but I have terrible balance to the point of tripping over my own feet even when I walk anywhere at anytime. I cannot seem to balance with bodyweight lunges let alone barbell lunges, but I practiced for a whole week and seem to have improved.

Also, test out the nutrition elements! I started test trials of complete eating with macros and everything and I realized that I am IN NO WAY getting enough food or protein. It was AMAZING. In three days, I lost 4 pounds of nasty crap in my intestines, my skin cleared up, my attitude got significantly better, and I had SO much energy. YOU CAN SEE THE ABS I HAD. It’s because I got clean, good, and macro-sufficient food in me. MAKING MACRO CHANGES AHH.

Get that plan, Stan.

Oh, the plans. The plans and plans and tears, and plans and plans some more. And, here’s a sample plan for you!

So, why just legs?

The exercises shown above (the barbell squat, hip thrust, lunge, and deadlift) are all fabulous full body exercises. And the fabulous thing about full body exercises (with a legs emphasis of course) is that you do build muscle in your shoulders, back, arms, and core which totally satisfies my very intense distaste for arm curls and bench presses.

About Nutrition

A huge part of becoming fit is that nutrition (calories, macros) is a major part of being healthy.

In fact, gym gains AND nutrition are the the power dyad for the ultimate healthy lifestyle.

Without nutrition, you won’t have gains and without working out, you won’t really go anywhere if you cut the gym out of your routine.

Make an Excel document to help you with your macros.

This Excel spreadsheet began the process(pics or it didn’t happen- shown below): after, I took a cute little trip to Target and meal prepped for my entire week. And, the best thing is that it barely takes any time to execute (3 hours/week) and with the spreadsheets already configured, future weeks will be so much easier on the calculation aspects.

So, that’s the scoop.

Let’s go be stans.

Let’s make SMART plans.

Let’s put them in action.

Let’s stick to them.

Please Read This Unofficial Disclaimer:

The content listed is personalized for me, my history, and my preferences. I do not, in any way, have any sort of qualifications over ‘full time college student who wants a sexy ass but wants it to be peer-reviewed literature-based’ to my name. So, always talk to a certified professional/your doctor to meet your personal accommodations.


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