I Tried Modeling & Here’s What I Learned

Ever since I was a young princess (at least, to my dad) I had this irrational dream of making a career out of modeling. I was (as are most children, I believe) told from a young age that I’m strikingly beautiful given whatever synonymous variation of choice. So, I believed that I had an actual shot at being a supermodel- a fanciful dream, as my mother would say, considering ‘how much skin they show’ and the like.

Fast forward 15 years and my best friend and I are in an artsy, expensive coffee location in the heart of Minneapolis where I’m eating a salad that kinda tastes like over-priced salty feet, but of course I’m faking that I like it because it cost me at least two Little Caesar’s pizzas. Somehow, I caught the attention of a local clothing brand’s co-founder and she gave me her name and number in person. From there, we set up our first modeling shoot: a studio session to capture female interest in their men’s clothing products.

The photoshoot itself, the social atmosphere, and even the DIY studio was so friendly and relaxed. It was the type of feeling that’s similar to walking into a room full of friends you love and love you. Sans nervousness and worry, it was exciting and greatly full of opportunities for me reflect upon (hence the post).

Modeling isn’t all-inclusive.

Let’s face it: I will never make it to a runway no matter how skinny I am or could be. Sure, my waist, hip, and bust measurements are identical to Kendall Jenner’s. But the fact in the matter is that I’m 5’7″ and she’s three inches taller than me. And, she has super striking features while I am pretty much every other oriental woman in the world. I am not tall enough, which is perfectly fine by me, but it was a hard truth to accept because at one point in my life, all I wanted to be was a model. On top of that, every photographer and/or brand has a certain vibe that they try to produce which makes them insanely picky- something that makes it even harder to excel in.

Modeling is actually hard work.

Now, don’t be dramatic: I’m not at all saying that modeling is nearly anywhere as difficult as rocket engineering or even the manual labor that construction workers face. It’s nowhere near military members or practicers of law- but what I’m saying is that it isn’t standing (or prancing) around and looking cute.

In fact, the lead up to the actual photoshoot was so difficult because I couldn’t give into my typical dietary -let’s just say- impulses. I know what makes me bloat, break out, and even smell funny. I know what makes me glow, detoxify, and chipper. Yet the choice between cookies and kale seems pretty obvious, at least to me. And think about choices like that, 24 hours a day, for 3 or 4 weeks in prep work? Um, no thanks.

On top of watching what I ate, I amped up my exercise routines because- let’s face it- because they asked me to bring jeans and skirts, I really needed to make sure I could fit into last years pants. I mean, really. Also, I wanted to ensure I was toned during the week my hormones go wack and retain every milliliter of water that even is around me that the shoot happened to be scheduled inside of.

And, beyond the rigorous diet and exercise, my skin care routine was on top of its game. And this wasn’t even a swimsuit shoot. It was a straight up, modest is hottest, jeans and t-shirt photoshoot.

But during the shoot, you’re not standing around. To look attractive and natural, you’re constantly moving around the studio, changing your facial expressions, your posture, and your attitude all while remembering to make sure your head, neck, and back are stick straight, your shoulders and pushed as back and down as possible, and your abs are flexed. Don’t forget that it was a hot summer day outside and I was changing into different combinations of jeans, jackets, and hats. Try this for two to three hours and tell me that you’re not tired. For a person that works out a ton, I was exhausted by the time it was over.

Kendall, Gigi, & Bella: I will never again think that you have life so easy while stuffing my face with a burrito/pizza ever again.

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Hair – Freshly washed and lazily brushed

Face – Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer by It Cosmetics | Camera Ready BB Cream by Smashbox | Contour palette by ELF | Natural shadows palette by ELF | Brow Wand by Skone | MicaBeauty Highlighting Powder in Shade #3

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