To The College Roommates That Changed My Life

To The College Roommates That Changed My Life:

You know who you are. You know because we’ve laughed together, yelled from room-to-room together, crawled in each other’s beds together, and always over-analyzed boys together. We had our own lives, but we all came back and were together.I know that this time that we had, together, was short. It was short, sweet, and it has become unforgettably sad leaving you. The past few months that I lived with you were by far the most positive, joyful, and successful months that I’ve lived in a really long time. Consequently, I believe with all of my heart that it was because of you two wonderful, lovey souls. Your upbeat attitudes, full-out honestly, and love of fun while balancing responsibility will always be something that I fondly look upon. Even small little things like going through your closets in my desperate attempt to find clothes was life changing (I’m actually wearing one of your shirts right now and don’t know if I want to give it back, mostly because I know one of you has one of my shirts too). Honestly, seeing your smiling faces on the daily literally recharged my battery of life. You not only could change my attitude, you could change my day, any day. Your positivity was authentic; it wasn’t fake or plastic or totally annoying, it was completely refreshing in ways I hadn’t thought possible. I always looked forward to coming home and that’s something that I’ve never experienced before. Yes- I know that life just keeps on trotting along and we grow up. I know that transitions are inevitable and friends aren’t forever, but if I could make a wish on a star and pray it come true I’d wish that I’d stay life-long friends with you two.

With all of my heart,


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