You Can Show Your Self-Love with Bum-Love

 We’ve all seen the ‘itsy’ bikini bottoms originally sold by Victoria’s Secret or virtually anything designed by BoutineLA because obviously, “Victoria’s Secret ain’t a secret no more” (Florida Georgia Line, you ladies and gents). Marketed to the scandalous percentage of our souls, 2017’s bikini bottom trends have reached a certain level of solid thong- if you know what I mean. This up-and-coming trend has left many upset 20-somethings with their granny panties all in a twist, despite all of the messages of self love and acceptance of all. Understandably, it may be uncomfortable to see someone’s bottom half in a way that you’d rather not. But, the world doesn’t work like that for those unfortunate souls. I mean, there are actually people out there that say how much they accept everyone for anything until a picture of a girl with a thong bikini shows up on her Instagram feed and then everything changes: Hypocrisy 101.

On the personal side, this trend was initially SO SCARY only because I had been too afraid that it wouldn’t be able to rock it, so I hated on it. I made myself believe that the girls that wore them were body-flaunting attention hoes who had some serious daddy issues and needed the superficial attention to sustain their self-esteem.

But, come to find out, that’s not how it is.

Because of my New Year’s resolution to “try new things” before I determine whether or not I prefer them (which seems obvious to people who aren’t so picky), I decided to give them a whirl before I took a side that I hadn’t even tried.

And here’s what happened:

I purchased one. I purchased another. I was gifted yet even more and before I knew it, my life had radically changed.

Suits like these are so liberating.

Not for the cat-calls or the attention, but for myself.

It’s literally my own declaration to the universe that I’m finally confident in the body that I have and have worked for.

It’s a declaration to myself that it’s okay to be insecure, but it’s even better to be confident.

And suddenly it hit me: the world was the culprit telling me to be insecure with my body shape and type and my intuition logically complied because if the world tells you something, who are you to argue?

The resolution was clearly simple.

The world needs to stop criticizing what women wear by connecting it to promiscuity. Women need to stop criticizing other women out of contempt competition. Women have been socially enforced to follow society’s dress code since day one; those that dare to cross the line have people just excitedly ready to attack their choices. And sure, body confidence does not require you to prance around in a thong-bikini bottom. It’s perfectly wonderful that some people choose to be confident in who they are while preferring to stay private about it. But for others, wearing these swim suit bottoms aren’t necessarily just for the views, likes, or ability to flaunt their backsides.

This trend is liberating, empowering, and a symbol of how we rise to conquer shame, embarrassment, and disappointment with our bodies.

That’s all I have to say.






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