2 Minnesotan College Girls & the Road to the Kentucky Derby

I don’t know about you, but MN to KY is HELLLAAA long of a ride for an all-nighter, even for two bright-eyed college kids. Regardless of the miles of road construction and a semi-dependable vehicle, we made it a day to remember. From the party house that I called ‘home’ to Churchill Downs, it was exactly 10 hours and 27 minutes away (not counting the time it took for snacks and breaks and makeup and gas plus traffic and the like).

In May of 2016, the week before final exams began, we decided to pull the fastest unforgettable road trip to Kentucky and back. This over-20-hour-round-trip road trip would leave us exhausted, but nonetheless happy about our little adventurous endeavors.

Enough of all the chit chat and down to the nitty gritty – let’s get to this top ten list (I’m so great at making lists haha).

The Top Take Aways from this Tiny Adventure

1. If you take your man, have him dress like a frat boy.

I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory, but if you need further inspiration that isn’t the beautiful, hand-picked photograph that yours truly actually captured: for pants you might look for anything Vineyard Vines-ey that’s not jeans but is slim cut and slightly quirky or the basic cool-dude khaki + Ray-Ban sunglasses + boat shoes combo for the slickest look. Oh yes, please don’t forget the dozens of mint juleps he’ll probably buy.

2. Always, ALWAYS, bring a spare pair of [flat] shoes.

I made the giant mistake of wearing gorgeous, brown leather MK wedges and believing that I could make it the entire Derby without any pain at all. Girl, who you kidding: the stroll from the parking lot to the gate entry itself was a challenge. By the time I got to the top of the hill and finally entered the gates, my toes were already raw and blisters were long-past threatening and well towards frightening. And, that was all within the first hour. That said: be sure to bring a second pair of shoes, as I noticed most women did. It’ll save your feet from the harsh gravel and pavement that you’ll be standing in for nearly five hours if you’re like us. And, walking barefoot is equally treacherous: the grounds were littered with spilled drinks and garbage and who knows what else was tracked out of the portable toilets. But who am I kidding, women never trade comfort for looking pretty… right?

3. You can’t forget a hat, Ladies. You. Can. Not.

It’s unspoken of. You just can’t. Even as an Asian Minnesotan I still remembered. That’s how big of a deal it is: it’s huge.

4. Always stop for snacks.

If you’re from Minnesota like me and the closest is 252 miles away, then you’re mouth just waters at the thought of the perfectly flaky and tasty doughnuts from Krispy Kreme’s wonderful assortments. If you’re like me and grew up with the Mall of America and the memory of the once-there but now long gone doughnut shop, the cravings get you. Remember to stop for snacks, it’s a must.


Though short, that’s all for what to remember.

Loves, enjoy these fab and left-over snippets of my favorite road trip yet!

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